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How can a drum be overwound?


Drive and tail pulleys are essential components in a conveyor system and must ensure high performance and efficiency. However, over time, due to wear and tear or other influences, problems such as deformation or irregularities in the concentricity of the drum can arise. This can result in reduced performance and even damage to the conveyor. It may therefore be necessary to over-rotate the drum in order to restore the geometry and functionality and to ensure the efficiency of the system.

The over-tightening of drive and idler pulleys is a special process that contributes to optimal concentricity. There are basically two types of overturning: cylindrical and crowned (conical). While cylindrical turning removes the drum surface parallel to the drum diameter, creating a precise cylindrical shape, crowned turning removes material from the drum surface in a targeted manner to create a crowned or conical shape. As a rule, the drums should be overwound from a wall thickness of 5 mm in order to achieve better concentricity and thereby improve the running smoothness of the system.

It is critical to note that not all drive and tail pulleys are capable of over-speeding. The diameter and the wall thickness play an important role in deciding whether a drum can be stripped or not. Drive drums with a small wall thickness often cannot be stripped as this can cause the wall thickness to fall below the recommended minimum. It is therefore essential to carefully inspect the drum and, if necessary, bring in experts to ensure that the overturning meets the necessary requirements and that the drum has optimal geometry and true running.

To ensure that the drive and tail pulleys are manufactured in optimum condition, stripping should always be performed by experienced professionals. Improper stripping can result in uneven runout, irregular wear, and other problems that are a result of the stripping process. Rely on experts like the knowledgeable staff at FMG Förderelemente Mecklenburg GmbH from Körchow to ensure a professional assessment and implementation of the overspeed.

A professional over-torque can help extend the life of your drive and tail pulleys. By eliminating imperfections and deformations on the drum, wear is reduced and further wear of the drum surface is slowed down. In addition, optimal overspeed can lead to a higher conveying capacity, since the concentricity is improved, which in turn leads to a higher performance of the system.

If required, we, as experienced experts, will be happy to provide you with professional support in overspeeding your drive and tail pulleys. We always use the latest technology to ensure that your drums are precisely machined and perform optimally. Contact us and we will provide you with a transparent estimate.


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