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How can drive and tail pulleys be coated and why are there smooth and rough surface coatings?


Drive and tail pulleys are important components in a conveyor system that make a significant contribution to the performance and efficiency of the system. To ensure that the conveyed goods are picked up and transported in the best possible way, the surface coatings of the drums play a crucial role. Like most idlers, drive and tail pulleys can be painted, galvanized or coated with sheet rubber or Baytec. 

Varnish is commonly applied as a protective coating to prevent moisture or corrosion. Lacquered drums are less expensive than other drum coatings, but often have lower friction properties and are therefore less suitable for heavy-duty equipment.

Galvanized drive and tail pulleys are used to increase the corrosion resistance of the pulleys and thus provide a longer service life. However, galvanized drums are more expensive and have a slick surface that can make gripping difficult.

Plate rubber and Baytec coatings are particularly popular because they have high abrasion resistance and enable a long service life for the drive and tail pulleys. A rubber lagging coating can be applied to the drum to create additional friction between the drum and the conveyor belt. This increases adhesion and prevents material slippage, which improves the operational safety and efficiency of the system.

The surface coatings of drive and idler pulleys, especially rubber plate coatings, can be smooth or rough. The choice of coating depends on various factors, such as the material being conveyed, the speed of the conveyor belt or the application conditions.

Smooth surface coatings are usually better suited for use at higher line speeds. They reduce friction and allow the conveyed goods to slide better, which is particularly advantageous for materials such as sand or gravel. In addition, smooth coatings are easier to clean and offer less space for dirt and debris.

Roughened surface coatings, on the other hand, have proven to be extremely advantageous, especially at lower strip speeds or steeper strip systems. They offer higher friction due to profiled vertical and horizontal lines, which contributes to better picking up and holding of the conveyed material. This ensures that the material being conveyed neither slips nor falls off, which increases operational safety. However, diamond finish coatings can be more difficult to clean and may require additional maintenance.

Overall, choosing the right surface finish for drive and tail pulleys is critical to a safe, efficient, and cost-effective conveyor system. It is important to find a solution that meets the specific needs of your facility and offers long-term economics.

We would be happy to present our wide range of drive and tail pulleys to you as part of a non-binding product consultation. If you have any questions about the coating, overwinding or other topics, we will be happy to provide you with competent support. Each inquiry is answered individually, because in addition to high product quality, we are characterized by reliable customer service.


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