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Can idlers with sheet steel bearing floors become statically charged?


The safety-relevant question as to whether idlers with sheet steel bearing floors can become electrically charged can be answered with no. The sheet steel storage floors are electrically conductive and thus offer effective protection against electrostatic charges, which can lead to disruptions in production in industrial applications.

Carrying out regular maintenance work can ensure that the idlers with sheet steel bearing bases are in perfect condition and fulfill their function. Regular checking of the electrical conductivity is also recommended. 

In addition to the technical measures, companies should promote the training of their employees with regard to security-related information. They should be informed about possible sources of danger and know how to behave in the event of electrostatic charges. A good knowledge of safety regulations can help prevent accidents and minimize the risk of damage to machinery or products. 

Overall, it is important for companies in every industry to take appropriate measures to avoid electrostatic charges. Productivity and safety in production can be increased by using conveyor rollers with sheet steel bearing floors and regular maintenance and training. In addition, companies can save costs by avoiding electrostatic charges, since damage to machines or products is avoided and repair or replacement costs are eliminated. A higher product quality can also be achieved since there are no disturbances caused by electrostatic discharges. It is therefore advisable to deal with the topic of electrostatic charging in depth. Not only should the technical properties of the FMG Förderelemente Carrying rollers with sheet steel bearing floors should be considered, but also training measures for employees and regular maintenance work on machines and systems.

It is important to create awareness of the dangers of electrostatic charging and to take appropriate precautions. This is the only way companies can make their production safer and be successful in the long term. 

With us you will receive a comprehensive and professional analysis of your requirements to ensure that you benefit optimally from our high-quality idlers with sheet steel bearing floors. If you need an individual special solution, we are at your disposal. Our dedicated sales team will be happy to support you with all questions relating to conveyor rollers with sheet steel bearing floors and will advise you competently and reliably. We pride ourselves on providing you with unique advice tailored to your specific needs.

We would be happy to present you with our selection of variations of conveyor rollers with sheet steel bearing floors as part of a non-binding product consultation.


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