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Company health management (CHM)


Employees are the most important asset of any company.
We can only be successful in the long term if our employees are motivated, satisfied, productive and, above all, healthy. Current events have made clear just how important it is to be healthy an stay healthy.

With the help of our company health management, we systematically and sustainably create health-promoting basic structures and processes. Enabling our employees to act independently and health-consciously is particularly important to us.

The question: “What keeps you healthy?” Is the focus of corporate health management. But there are also individual areas of CHM that deal with the question “What makes you sick?”.

Together we will find answers to these questions!

As part of our project, we are getting support from health experts at outness, our competent and reliable health partners from Neubrandenburg.



TOP training company 2023

Concerns about young talent and a shortage of skilled workers are an issue everywhere, including at the FMG Förderelemente Mecklenburg GmbH. To counteract this, we consistently invest in training.

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How does a larger diameter of the drive drum affect the conveying speed?

Different drum diameters enable the conveying speed to be better adapted to the needs of the system. Due to the physical laws of the drive drum, a change in the drum diameter is directly transferred to the conveying speed. Thus, a faster rotation of the drum results in a higher speed of the conveyor belt. A larger diameter offers additional support for these effects. The increase in…

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How can a drum be overwound?

Drive and tail pulleys are essential components in a conveyor system and must ensure high performance and efficiency. However, over time, due to wear and tear or other influences, problems such as deformation or irregularities in the concentricity of the drum can arise. This can result in reduced performance and even damage to the conveyor. Therefore, a…

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How can drive and tail pulleys be coated and why are there smooth and rough surface coatings?

Drive and tail pulleys are important components in a conveyor system that make a significant contribution to the performance and efficiency of the system. To ensure that the conveyed goods are picked up and transported in the best possible way, the surface coatings of the drums play a crucial role. Like most idlers, drive and tail pulleys can be painted, galvanized or coated with sheet rubber or Baytec. ...

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