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Process innovation for the development of a hose pulling machine


We produce transport and conveyor rollers for customers in industry and business. These conveyor rollers are important, functional elements in logistics centers, warehouses, industrial production facilities
among many other places. To protect rolling freights from vibrations and surface abrasions, more and more transport rollers with soft surfaces are being used. Soft PVC is now being used in the industry as a dampening material and is being attached to the roller as a hose.
The hoses are currently being pulled onto the rollers manually by employees. To optimise this process, we started a project to develop and construct a hose reeling machine.
As part of this project, product properties were identified and research was carried out in relation to the properties of the materials in various reeling hoses. Various methods were developed and tested until two functioning
prototypes were produced.
These are now being further developed and tested. The results will be evaluated in terms of provitablity and then, if viable, we will invest in the process we researched.
Our goal is to keep increasing employees' job security and strengthen our company's competitiveness for the future.

Promotion of process innovation by the Landesförderinstitut


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