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Regardless of whether it is coal, sand, cement or other bulk materials, loose granular materials are conveyed particularly efficiently with belt conveyor systems. The conveyor belt is guided by belt rollers for smooth operation. In the task area of ​​the conveyor belt, buffer ring rollers are used to cushion the impacts caused by coarse conveyed material. In the return run of the belt, support ring rollers are used to support the belt and help conveyed material adhering to the conveyor belt to fall off more easily. With special seals, the rollers can also be used in dusty environments. Her FMG Förderelemente Mecklenburg GmbH from Körchow supplies high-quality conveyor rollers that perfect for transporting bulk goods are suitable. Buffer and support rings can be attached as accessories to any product in the FMG castor portfolio in order to To support belt and thus absorb the falling energy of the conveyed goods. Depending on the individual application, different support ring shapes and arrangements are advantageous. We would be happy to inform you about the desired solutions for your conveyor system.

Buffer and support ring rollers with the best quality features

Our buffer and support ring rollers, which can be individually configured according to your wishes and required bandwidths, help to increase the service life of the conveyor system and protect the conveyor belt from damage. The buffer and support rings, made of rubber or a higher-quality but wear-resistant polyurethane, cushion the fall energy of the material being conveyed, ensure that adhering materials trickle off and thus offer proven protection for your conveyor system. We focus on providing you with tailor-made solutions so that you can get the best possible benefit from our FMG buffer and support ring rollers for your conveyor system.

Our solution for your plant in the bulk material sector

Our buffer and support ring rollers are required in particular when bulk materials have to be transported on conveyor belts in a dirty and dusty environment. Thanks to our many years of experience, one excellent selection of materials as well as the quality features of our products, we always have a suitable solution for your requirements. The specific choice of material for the buffer and support rings guarantees, in addition to cushioning the material to be conveyed, a clean belt and improves belt return. With the help of attachments for the rings, they can be secured against lateral displacement. This allows for stabilization from the outside clamping and welding rings and for securing between the backup rings spacers be used.

Product variants of our buffer and support ring rollers

The success of efficient work processes lies in an unproblematic and effortless execution. the FMG Förderelemente Mecklenburg GmbH as your expert for conveyors in the bulk and general cargo area, the focus is on flexibility and individuality. For this reason, our buffer and support ring rollers are available in the following versions:

buffer ring rollers

  • fully occupied
  • secured with clamping rings or welding rings
  • not safe

support ring rollers

  • Arrangement with support rings (Form A/B) and buffer rings
  • secured with clamping rings or welding rings
  • not safe
  • plastic spacer sleeves if required

The entire product portfolio of FMG buffer ring rollers and support ring rollers can be found in our product catalogue. Furthermore are All versions can be customized according to your wishes. Our staff will be happy to help you choose the best product.

Buffer and support ring rollers made from excellent materials

Thanks to their reliability and long service life, our regionally produced buffer and support ring rollers are ideal for use in your conveyor system. These properties are based, among other things, on years of experience and one based on it careful selection of materials.

We illustrate the materials from which our buffer and support ring rollers are made using the SR6 design (catalogue page 7.12):

  • transport roller
  • Rubber buffer rings (color: black, hardness: approx. 70° Shore)
  • Rubber support rings (color: black, hardness approx. 70° Shore), optionally made of polyurethane (color: yellow, hardness: approx. 85° Shore)
  • clamping rings
  • sweat rings
  • spacers

High-quality conveyor rollers from regional production

In the production of our buffer and support ring rollers from first-class materials, we rely on decades of experience and tried-and-tested construction. The high-quality roles will Produced regionally in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania by experienced specialists and thus guarantee a long service life and durability, especially in a dirty environment of use, which usually occurs in the bulk goods sector. In addition, our economic roles saves time and money for your company.

Individual buffer and support ring rollers of your FMG Förderelemente Mecklenburg GmbH

Our FMG buffer and support ring rolls are manufactured regionally and are therefore exceptional low-emission and environmentally friendly. Due to the special design of the rolls, it is possible to use them for different tape widths and variants needs-based with a corresponding number of buffer and support rings as well as safety devices to prevent lateral slipping. All of these characteristics contribute to our buffer and support ring rollers individually according to your wishes to be able to adapt.

Areas of application for buffer and support ring rollers

Buffer and support ring rollers are mainly used in bulk goods area following areas of application:

  • steel and cement plants
  • Mining
  • chemical plants
  • industrial ports

Use in different systems in the bulk goods sector

The specific construction of buffer and support ring rollers ensures a Use on any conveyor system with which bulk materials are transported. Such conveyor belts are usually used to transport powdery and granular materials such as coal, sand, cement, salt or granulate.

Special applications of buffer and support ring rollers

Buffer and support ring rollers FMG Förderelemente Mecklenburg GmbH from Körchow are particularly suitable for dusty environments, which also occur when bulk goods are transported, given the property of labyrinth seals with felt elements to collect impurities and particles. Depending on the desired design and the environmental conditions of your conveyor system, we would also be happy to customize your conveyor rollers with 2RS bearings. The nature of the 2RS bearings with acrylonitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) optimally prevents contamination, but reduces the maximum speed load.

Do you have any other product or customization requests? Our team will be happy to advise you on the perfect solution for your conveyor system.

FMG buffer and support ring rollers offer many advantages

We offer you buffer and support ring rollers that are individually tailored to your needs and have a high-quality industrial standard, which will become a reliable partner for your work processes. Our locally sourced products are of the finest quality yet affordable to fit within your calculated budget plan. Our experts will be happy to advise you on the optimal selection from the FMG castor portfolio.

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Technical product catalog

FMG offers you an extensive range of products for conveyor rollers in the bulk and general cargo area. In this catalog we have compiled a selection of our products including the configuration options and technical sketches with dimensions that are important for you.