Driven Conveyor Rollers

  • Driven Conveyor Rollers
  • Driven Conveyor Rollers
  • Driven Conveyor Rollers
  • Driven Conveyor Rollers
  • Driven Conveyor Rollers
  • Driven Conveyor Rollers

Driven support rollers consist of a drive element (e.g. chain wheel, belt pulley), the support tube and the counter bearing. The counter bearing corresponds to the bearing of the non-driven support rollers.

The available variants can be found on the respective catalog page.

Drive Elements

The drive elements are available in plastic or steel. Plastic drive elements are only available in the configuration shown. The dimensions cannot be varied.

The driven conveyor rollers are available with different types of drive, depending on the type. The following drive types can be selected: round belts, toothed belts (poly-chain and HTD), chains and flat belts. The drive can be made of steel or plastic and is either permanently connected to the pipe or designed as a congestion drive.

Congestion drive (friction drive)

The conveyor roller is permanently driven by the drive. The drive element is connected to the tube via a sliding bushing, the power being transmitted by means of friction. The drag force depends on the weight of the goods to be conveyed. If the material to be conveyed builds up, the drive in the sliding bush turns and the pipe stops. A dynamic pressure is created, which is about 5-7% of the conveyed weight. If the jam is cleared, the conveyed goods are transported on.

Friction congestion drive

A special form of the congestion drive is the friction congestion drive. With this drive, the drive is carried out by a friction surface which can be adjusted by spring force. The dynamic pressure can therefore be varied according to the requirements.

Fixed drive

With this type of drive, the drive is welded to the pipe or firmly connected to the pipe via a fixed bushing. If the conveyed material is jammed, the drive and the pipe continue to rotate. The spinning pipe can damage the conveyed material.

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FMG offers you an extensive range of products for conveyor rollers in the bulk and general cargo area. In this catalog we have compiled a selection of our products including the configuration options and technical sketches with dimensions that are important for you.