Driven Conveyor Rollers

  • Driven Conveyor Rollers
  • Driven Conveyor Rollers
  • Driven Conveyor Rollers
  • Driven Conveyor Rollers
  • Driven Conveyor Rollers
  • Driven Conveyor Rollers

Whether parcels, pallets, boxes or other piece goods: The transport is particularly efficient with powered Conveyor rollers. But do not choose just any product, but one of high quality. That allows one smooth workflow and durability. You can get first-class driven conveyor rollers with different drive types from us – yours FMG Förderelemente Mecklenburg GmbH from Korchow. They are suitable for continuous conveyance as well as for accumulating drives. For proper operation we use Drive elements made of plastic or steel. The counter bearing corresponds to the type of non-driven support roller. Regardless of your area of ​​activity, we would be happy to provide you with detailed information tailor-made solutions for your system.

Smart conveyor technology in premium quality

You can rely on our driven idlers. she support your work processes efficiently and convince with a low risk of failure. Their long service life thanks to premium quality helps to achieve sustainable cost savings that have a positive impact on sales. We focus on individual solutions so that you benefit holistically and effectively from the FMG-driven conveyor rollers. All dimensions are, of course, customer-specific, because an impeccable consulting service is an integral part of our company philosophy. Our Flexibility We also make this clear with our idlers with special drives, which we also manufacture in small quantities as required.

FMG: We have the solution for you

With our driven conveyor rollers, we offer you reliable technology. Since we can use a wide variety of drive types for you according to your needs, there is the optimal driven idler roller for every operating system. With the adeptly selected role type, this succeeds Reliable transport of light to heavy goods. If an accumulation drive is used, the conveyed goods can be stopped. This intermediate step is essential for some operational processes.

Versions of the driven idlers

Work processes should run smoothly and without problems. They must be tailor-made and flexible to change if necessary. This is exactly where we at FMG are your experts. To our Choice of powered idlers include:

  • Steel round belt drive (type 305-310)
  • Toothed belt drive made of plastic (type 445/446)
  • Toothed belt drive made of steel (friction accumulation drive – Fixed drive – welded) (Type 448R, 533R – 448, 449 – 447, 534)
  • Sprocket drive (single or double sprocket) made of plastic:
    • Single sprocket (Type 450, 451, 452, 453, 470, 471, 460, 461)
    • Double sprocket (type 480, 481)
  • Sprocket drive (single or double sprocket) made of steel (Friction accumulation drive - fixed drive - welded)
    • Single sprocket (Type 454R, 506R, 462R, 521R – 435, 436, 454, 455, 457, 458, 506, 507, 462, 463, 521 – 439/439A, 456, 508/508A, 464, 511/511A, 513A /513A, 515/515A)
    • Double sprocket (type 432R, 500R, 520R – 432, 433, 500, 501, 520 – 438/438A, 502/502A, 510/510A, 512/512A,514/514A)

We would be happy to discuss the details with you!

Driven idlers made of selected materials

Durability and reliability are two core criteria of our driven idlers. They are based, among other things, on one careful choice of materials, which results from many years of experience.

The materials we use for the driven support rollers are presented to you as an example using the tried and tested type 510:

  • Steel double sprocket
  • Counter bearing made of sheet steel pressed into the tube (type 250/251/260/261 also available in galvanized version)
  • G. socket
  • Steel tube in various diameters and materials
  • Axle in different diameters
  • deep groove ball bearing closed on both sides (ZZ)

High quality is a promise to us

We can guarantee you the highest quality of our products. This refers to the materials used as well as to the detailed production. We check each of the individual components during the production work as part of the Quality control. Of course, we continuously integrate convincing innovations into our systems that support our customers in their everyday work.

FMG powered idlers are individual

Driven conveyor rollers from our company come from regional production. For their production, we orientate ourselves in detail to the customer's wishes, which is why the castors optimally adapt to your operational requirements. as future-oriented operation we integrate the aspect of Sustainability into our activity. We achieve this through a long service life of the driven idlers.


Driven conveyor rollers from our production are mainly used in general cargo area of industries:

  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Airports
  • Wood processing
  • parcel centers
  • Food industry

Suitable for different systems

The driven idlers are designed for use in conveyor systems, machines, package transport and suitcase transport at airports. Some of our customers use them in General cargo transport in the food industry or in industrial plants.

Typical locations

Depending on the design, the driven idlers are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Depending on the load and the combination of the installed individual components, we set the system up for light to heavy goods to be transported. Of course we guarantee food conformity and configurability.

Our special features – your advantages

As an experienced and quality-oriented company from Germany, we use our full power to provide our customers convincing maintenance-free products with a long service life to construct. They are tailor-made and convince with robust industrial technology, which becomes a reliable partner for your individual work processes. Despite the premium quality, you get our powered idlers at an extremely fair value for moneywhatever fits into your calculated budget. We round off our service strength with a fast delivery .

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Bulk goods conveyor roller sketch

Technical product catalog

FMG offers you an extensive range of products for conveyor rollers in the bulk and general cargo area. In this catalog we have compiled a selection of our products including the configuration options and technical sketches with dimensions that are important for you.