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Rollers and rails are indispensable components in the world of Materials Handling. These versatile components consist of Steel or plastic rollers, which are integrated into a basic profile. Your main task is that reliable transport of general cargo in a linear movement. At FMG Förderelemente Mecklenburg GmbH you have come to the right place, regardless of whether you need individual rollers or complete roller rails. Delivery of individual rolls is just as possible as delivery of entire roller rails.

Conveyor technology for every area of ​​application

Our focus here is on Rollers and rails, which are suitable for every area of ​​application thanks to their versatile designs. Rollers and rails are designed to fit almost every requirement profile. They are available in various designs to meet different needs in numerous industries. This versatility is a trademark of the products from FMG Förderelemente

The Rollers and rails from FMG are characterized by their robust and compact design. This not only ensures that Longevity of the products, but also theirs capacity in demanding environments. The durable materials and careful workmanship ensure that these conveyor elements provide reliable performance even under strain. We know our customers’ challenges and know how to solve them.

For customers involved in pallet transport Rollers and rails an indispensable aid. They enable the smooth transport of pallets and the robust construction ensures that heavy loads can be moved without any problems. Transporting sensitive and fragile goods requires precision and caution. FMG's rollers and rails make this possible gentle and safe transport, without damaging the goods. The versatility of the rollers and rails is ultimately reflected in the range of goods transported. Whether it's light products or medium-heavy materials - these conveyor elements handle the task confidently.

FMG: The solution for the general cargo sector

Rollers and rails are essential building blocks in the world of conveyor technology. At FMG Förderelemente Mecklenburg GmbH You will find a wide range of products that are characterized by their versatility, robustness and adaptability. Whether you need pallet transport, the transport of fragile goods or the movement of light to medium-heavy goods, these conveyor elements offer reliable solutions. With various materials and load capacity options, they are able to meet the needs of different industries and applications. Choose FMG products to optimize your conveyor systems and ensure smooth material transport.

Our specialists from the FMG team will be happy to advise youto exploit the full potential of our products for your needs.

Versions of the rollers and rails

Rollers and rails – we offer you a comprehensive range of different designs. We differentiate between rollers and roller rails. The product range includes conveyor rollers, all-side rollers and conveyor rollers with wheel flanges. Depending on the version, they are made of steel, galvanized steel, plastic or polyurethane. The load capacity varies, so we can offer rolls with a capacity of 2kg up to 200kg per roll.

Roller tracks are similarly diverse and offer solutions tailored to your needs. They are available in different versions with wheels made of rubber, polyurethane, plastic or steel. From multi-transfer rails with ball bearings to all-side roller rails and ball roller rails, they offer load capacities from 2 kg to 1.000 kg.

We would be happy to support you in selecting the suitable rollers and rails for your conveyor system.

Rollers and rails made from selected materials

The roller rails and strips consist of the U-rails and the built-in rollers, which are made of steel, galvanized steel, polyurethane, plastic or rubber, depending on the version. Ball or plain bearings provide continuous movement and durability.

Through first-class selected materials, we guarantee high load-bearing capacity and longevity. Based on our many years of experience in the industry, we select the appropriate materials so that our products meet the highest standards.

The highest quality is standard at FMG

Thanks to our extensive expertise, we can: FMG Förderelemente Mecklenburg GmbH Ensure top quality in rollers and rails. The outstanding feature of these products is their stable construction, in which steel or plastic rollers are integrated into a basic profile. This design enables them to handle higher compressive loads and gives them increased strength. This results in a longer service life and lower maintenance costs. The carefully selected material composition makes our rollers and rails the perfect choice for demanding applications that require both high resilience and maximum reliability.

Our promise: individual solutions

Thanks to our extensive expertise FMG Förderelemente Mecklenburg GmbH We can not only guarantee outstanding quality in rollers and rails, but also promise to deliver individual solutions for your specific requirements. The outstanding feature of these products is their stable construction, in which steel or plastic rollers are integrated into a basic profile. This sophisticated design gives them the ability to carry higher pressure loads and increases their robustness. Our precise selection of materials makes our rollers and rails the optimal choice for demanding applications, ensuring not only high resilience but also maximum reliability. Trust that we at FMG offer tailor-made solutions to overcome your individual challenges.

Locations of rollers and rails

These versatile products are in demand in a variety of industries, including the glass industry, logistics, metal technology and wood and sawmills. The wide range of applications shows how flexible and adaptable FMG rollers and rails are in various industrial environments. 

Environmental conditions may vary depending on the location of use. The longevity and reliability of the product can be positively influenced if the design is selected according to the environmental conditions. We support you! Our FMG team will be happy to advise you and is available to answer any questions you may have at any time.

Use in appropriate systems

These conveying elements can be used in various systems:

  • Packaging tables
  • Process routes
  • Sorting tables
  • High-bay warehouse
  • Distribution centers
  • Assembly places
  • Material supplies and removals
  • Cutting centers

Their versatility makes them an ideal solution for a variety of conveying applications.

These are the advantages of our FMG rollers and rails

What the products of FMG Förderelemente Mecklenburg GmbH What makes it special is the option to choose from different materials and load limits. This enables customers to find tailored solutions that meet their individual requirements.

By using our rollers and rails from FMG, you benefit from numerous advantages. We are an experienced and quality-conscious company that produces regionally and offers convincing, maintenance-free products with a long service life. FMG attaches great importance to manufacturing tailor-made products with robust industrial technology and will be your reliable partner for individual work processes and fast deliveries. Our offer is characterized by a fair price-performance ratio that fits into your budget.

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Technical product catalog

FMG offers you an extensive range of products for conveyor rollers in the bulk and general cargo area. In this catalog we have compiled a selection of our products including the configuration options and technical sketches with dimensions that are important for you.