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Are you looking for a high quality and durable product as a fundamental element for belt stations and conveyor belts that meets the requirements of your industry? With our tape rolls, you decide on the best-selling type of roll FMG FÖRDERELEMENTE MECKLENBURG GMBH. This product is suitable for transporting medium to heavy bulk goods in different areas.

FMG belt rollers for your conveyor technology: Highest quality and a long service life

FMG conveyor rollers are high-quality, versatile conveyor rollers with a long service life that we manufacture in-house. They are the heart of belt stations and conveyor belt systems.

The bearing floors of these idlers are made of steel or plastic (polypropylene), which are welded and/or pressed into the roller body (idler tube). They are made of deep-drawn sheet steel or solid material. Depending on the type series, different designs are possible for the integration of the bearing bases in the roller body. 

With regard to the composition of our rolls of tape, we naturally take different circumstances into account. For example, we offer types with different labyrinth seals to enable the belt rollers to perform even at high temperatures or in a very dusty environment. 

Our standard version (type 420/421) is available in the attractive RAL 3000 (flame red) finish. Of course, painting in other RAL tones is also possible. Since we always have some rolls with standard dimensions in stock, you can usually expect short delivery times from us - in the event of an average, we can also deliver within a few days. We can also offer you tailor-made designs according to your individual needs in first-class quality.

FMG Förderelemente Mecklenburg looks forward to your inquiry

Do you have any questions about our tape rolls? Let's talk about your very special requirements in your conveyor system. We would be happy to advise you on our custom-made belt rolls and on possible special designs that fit your challenge exactly.


Conveyor elements have to withstand great loads when transporting bulk material. We therefore use materials such as steel, stainless steel and galvanized steel to manufacture our coils. The plastic floors are made using the injection molding process. The idlers can be sealed to the outside with various sealing systems. The specific design results from the tube-axle combination. FMG FÖRDERELEMENTE MECKLENBURG GMBH has different versions of belt rolls in its product portfolio according to the different requirements and conditions in the area of ​​application.


  • with sheet steel storage floor (type 420, 421, 422, 423, 426)
  • with plastic tube and shelf (type 414)
  • with different types of sealing:
    • double labyrinth seal made of plastic
      • with rain protection cover made of galvanized sheet steel (standard)
      • additionally with felt ring
    • Sheet metal labyrinth seal
    • with oil seal
    • with slip ring
  • fitted with buffer or support rings (buffer and support ring rollers)
  • Idler roller bearing made from a turned steel disc (type 424, 425)
  • Ball bearing seat turned directly into the tube (Type 428, 429)

We are pleased to offer you our rolls of tape made to measure in various diameters and lengths. Let's talk about the details!


When assembling the FMG tape rolls, we refer to the components of our standard version type 420/421.

This tape roller type consists of the following parts:

  • Idler tube and axles made of steel in different diameters
  • Steel bearing bases pressed into the tube and welded to the tube
  • Deep groove ball bearings (ZZ) closed on both sides, also available as RS bearings on request
  • Multiple labyrinths to protect the ball bearings
  • galvanized rain caps
  • Coating with 2-component color system in standard RAL 3000 (other colors are possible on customer request)

High quality materials and precision work

We rely on the highest quality of our products for our customers. This applies to the materials used, the precise production as well as the aspect of sustainability. The individual components are subjected to quality control during assembly. In order to meet individual customer requirements, we are constantly developing our rolls of tape. The production of our high-quality rolls of tape is carried out by qualified and trained personnel within the framework of modern production processes. We rely on high precision using the latest CNC machines.

In these sectors we recommend the use of FMG belt rolls

Belt rollers are, among other things, elementary components of belt stations and conveyor belts. The first-class quality of the FMG tape rolls enables them to be used in various industries. They have particularly proven themselves in the bulk goods sector as in Sand, gravel and cement plantsin quarries and in recycling companies as well as in the Agriculture.

Tape reels can be used in these systems

Belt rollers from FMG are suitable for use in belt stations, conveyor systems, belt conveyors, crushing systems, recycling systems and wind sifters.

Possible locations of FMG tape rolls

You can safely use FMG tape rolls both indoors and outdoors. Our tape rollers easily withstand medium to heavy loads. When choosing the type of belt pulley, pay attention to the type of load. Various types are available for the individual load types:

  • medium load: type 414, 420, 421, 426, 429
  • heavy duty: Type 422, 423, 424, 425, 429

Special features and advantages of FMG rolls of tape

With FMG conveyor rollers, you decide on regionally manufactured conveyor rollers. We focus on customer-oriented solutions and produce tailor-made according to your needs. In addition, the aspect of sustainability is important to us. Our tape rolls have a very long service life due to the precise manufacture and the use of materials of the highest quality.

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Bulk goods conveyor roller sketch

Technical product catalog

FMG offers you an extensive range of products for conveyor rollers in the bulk and general cargo area. In this catalog we have compiled a selection of our products including the configuration options and technical sketches with dimensions that are important for you.