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Are the plastic storage floors electrically dissipative?


The conveyor rollers with plastic bearing base from FMG Förderelemente offer a wide range of advantages and are therefore the best solution for a wide range of applications. The idlers are extremely versatile and flexible and are suitable for use in various industries such as the food and pharmaceutical industries, agriculture, parcel centers and airports. They offer a long service life and tailor-made processing thanks to precise manufacturing.

However, the anti-static properties of the idler rollers are particularly important and can be guaranteed by using dissipative plastic storage floors. In environments with explosive substances or flammable liquids, the dissipation of static electricity is of great importance. Electrostatic charges can cause sparks and thus lead to dangerous situations. The use of antistatic idlers from FMG Förderelemente can minimize such risks and ensure safe handling of materials.

Static electricity is safely dissipated by using dissipative plastics, thus reducing the risk of sparking. The anti-static conveyor rollers from FMG thus offer a safe and reliable solution for material transport in demanding environments. However, it is important to consider the place of use when selecting the conveyor rollers, especially with regard to the temperature ranges, the loads and the food compatibility. FMG's anti-static idlers are used in various industries, including the chemical industry, refineries, gas stations or production facilities for batteries or electronic components.

Overall, the idlers with plastic bearing bases from FMG Förderelemente a reliable and versatile solution for material handling in different industries and environments. The antistatic properties of the idlers ensure increased safety and minimize the risk of sparking and potentially explosive situations. Due to the precise manufacture and the long service life, the idlers also offer an economical solution for material transport.


What information does FMG need to create an offer for rollers/roller rails?

Required for precise and efficient quotation preparation for roller and roller rails FMG Förderelemente Mecklenburg GmbH detailed information about the customer's specifications and requirements. This information is crucial to develop a solution that is perfectly tailored to the customer's needs and application area. Here is the key information needed: Load capacity in kg (per…

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For which belt widths are there standard upper belt stations?

Tape stations are used in a wide range of industries. They play a critical role in the efficient movement of bulk materials, ores, coal, gravel, sand, grain and other materials. Conveyor stations are used in mines, quarries, power plants, warehouses and many other facilities to effectively transport materials. These systems are the backbone of numerous production processes and enable…

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What information about the tape stations do we need to make you an offer?

The exact number of pieces, the choice between 2-part and 3-part belt stations, the belt width, the roll diameter, the roll length, the trough, the profile of the threshold, the lintel, the type of fastening and the material of the belt station are crucial steps in order to to ensure exact fit and functionality. This results in a conveyor system that not only works reliably and efficiently,...

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TOP training company 2023

Concerns about young talent and a shortage of skilled workers are an issue everywhere, including at the FMG Förderelemente Mecklenburg GmbH. To counteract this, we consistently invest in training.

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