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Which driven idlers are best suited for the food industry?


In the food sector, driven conveyor rollers have become indispensable. This industrial product consisting of a drive element, support tube and counter bearing is required from large bakeries to chocolate production. What serves as a drive element depends crucially on the individual application. Our range includes all drive types that are required in the food sector: round belts, toothed belts, chains and flat belts. The real special feature of the driven conveyor rollers for the food industry lies in the material used.

If you buy driven conveyor rollers from us for your food business, we will ensure that the conveyor rollers meet the special requirements. They meet the strict guidelines that the food industry faces. The driven rollers do not contaminate the food. They do not emit any toxic substances and are easy to clean. Without difficulty, they ensure impeccable hygiene at all times, guaranteeing your product quality. Our driven conveyor rollers are already providing valuable services in the food sector throughout Europe.

As mentioned at the beginning, the desired type of drive depends on the intended use. Basically, however, it is important that the rollers are equipped with components made of stainless steel or plastic. Galvanized materials can also be used. They ensure perfect neutrality and optimum hygiene. In addition, these materials impress with their long service life, freedom from maintenance and low susceptibility to repairs. In this way, you ensure smooth operation of your system for years to come, which saves you money.

If you decide in favor of our driven conveyor rollers, then you enable active piece transport in accordance with legal regulations. Depending on your requirements, you can transport the goods against gravity or at a defined conveying speed. Do you need a special design? Then we would be happy to advise you.

As part of a non-binding product consultation, we are happy to present our selection of variations of driven idlers. In our product range you will find versions with galvanized pipes, stainless steel pipes and plastic pipes. As already mentioned, suitability for the food sector is guaranteed. Do you have any questions about the load, the wall thickness or another topic? Then we will help you further. We respond to all inquiries individually, because in addition to high product quality, we are characterized by reliable service.


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